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Kalemba Community Hospital


Date : 24th June, 2013
By : Wim Jans and Stijn Prust (Foundation to build)
Project : Kalemba Community Hospital, Bangula, Malawi
Client : Sisters of Our Lady, Blantyre, Malawi

There have been a few of changes lately concerning the work force. The bricklayers were working to slow and were not motivated at all. Unfortunately this had too much effect on the progress that we had to source builders
from elsewhere, in this case builders who have worked on another project for Foundation to Build in Chikhwawa.
Besides that we have replaced our foreman as a more experienced foreman finished another project from Foundation to Build in Mbulumbudzi and therefore could work in this project.

progress report

Last week we completed all the brick laying, so this week we have started with finishing works. One part of the team started plastering, the other part is working outside for pointing. This team is working really hard, and we are confident they will finish in time.
Last week the plumber and the electrician worked for a few days on the project and already installed all the necessary conduits. After plastering they will join the team once again to finish all the plumbing and electrical work..



As well last week we started with placing the trusses which has been completed by now. The carpenters are done with the purlines and start fixing the roofing sheets this week.



Although there aren't a lot of days remaining up to the 19th of July, we are still confident we will finish the building around this date. According to the contracts, the bricklayers will finish the 8th of July, and the carpenters will finish all the carpentry work the 13th of July. By then, only painting and fixing toilets / sinks / etc. will remain. All employees are really working as a team, so the work spirit is really good. Everyone is trying their best to finish this building as soon as possible!.

Foundation to Build
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