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Kalemba Community Hospital


Date : 25th May, 2013
By : Wim Jans and Stijn Prust (Foundation to build)
Project : Kalemba Community Hospital, Bangula, Malawi
Client : Sisters of Our Lady, Blantyre, Malawi

By the 10th of April we, Stijn Prüst and Wim Jans, started with the construction of the theater block at the Kalemba Community Hospital. According to the time we'll be in Malawi, we want to finish the building by the end of July.


Foundation + foundation walls
Before we could start with the foundation, we had to prepare the construction area and remove 2 trees. After removing those trees we started with digging the foundation, which took us 7 days in total. After digging we made the steel reinforcement, placed and fixed it on the right places, and started with casting concrete. The concrete had to harden for a few days, so it would be strong enough for the load bearing walls. After these days we added 7 bricklayers and 4 assistants on our team to start with the load bearing walls. After only 4 days, all load bearing walls were finished up to floor level (1.1 meter from foundation). The foundation took us 20 days in total to complete and was finished by the 7th of May.

Digging Foundation
Digging foundation Casting foundation


After completing the foundation walls the bricklayers continued with the load bearing walls. For the foundation walls we made a contract, but they didn't want to proceed in the same way for the rest of the building. After some arguments we agreed that we would proceed with daily payments (every 2 weeks we pay everyone) and we agreed on a date to finish bricklaying for all the walls from floor level up to ring beam level. By the 1st of June, all the walls of the theater block should be finished. At this moment, all the exterior walls are already finished up to
window level and all the doors and windows are already fixed. Because we had some troubles with casting the ground floor, explained in the next chapter, we probably have to extend the amount of days for bricklaying with one week. We are thinking of replacing the entire bricklayers team for a group that wants to work on a contract, so we won´t exceed our budget.

Digging Foundation
Bricklaying bearing walls Casting ground floor


Ground floor
The last 10 days we used for backfilling and compacting the floor. It took us a little bit longer than expected because it took some time to come up with a good system to level all the different rooms in the building up to the same level.
Eventually we came up with a good system, so it was quite easy to finish the backfilling and compacting of the floors.

Kalemba Hospital windows

This week we want to finish the ground floor, and finish all the bearing walls up to ring beam level. That means we can start casting the ring beam by next week and the bricklayers can work on the interior walls.

Foundation to Build
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