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Organization in the Netherlands
The foundation has its seat in De Rijp, approximately 30 kilometers from the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam. Physical address: Zuiddijk 38, 1483 MA, de Rijp

The board consists of five individuals all working as volunteers to no cost for the foundation.

Mr dr Jan Petit
Mr. dr. Jan Petit, former surgeon in the Kennemer Gasthuis Hospital in Haarlem, and chairman of the financial committee of the foundation.
Through - out the years Malawi has become his second home nation. His focus is always to improve the quality of health care for the people in Malawi.
Side by side he has been working with Charles in the Clinical Officer project and now in the project 'Tools & Skills'.

Mr dr Gert Jan Montagne
Mr. dr. Gert Jan Montagne, consultant urologist at St. Elisabeth hospital in Tilburg untill march 2014, was born in the tropics and worked as medical officer at Nguludi Hospital in Malawi in the past. Gert undertook several urological missions to Surinam, Ghana and Malawi. He is happy to join the College of Medicine in an effort to improve urological services and training in Malawi starting 2014.

Mr Hans Derksen
Mr. Hans Derksen, ICC- nurse- general manager - instructor/coach; inspired by all the stories from Jan and Charles he was from the early start directly involved in managing the Foundation as well as travelling to Malawi as an instructor to improve the health care.
Together with Mr. van Raamsdonk, they put Malawi on the agenda of the two main hospitals in the region.

Mr Pieter van Raamdonk
Mr. Pieter van Raamdonk, former store- manager Kennemer Gasthuis Hospital Haarlem, from the beginning up until now responsible for all the logistic processes and improvements made in the hospitals in Malawi. He also arranges for the transports of all donated goods from the Netherlands to Malawi.

Mrs Marja van Duin
Mrs. Marja van Duijn, secretary of the board, involved from the very early start of setting up the foundation. 'Another beautiful day in Malawi' has certainly encouraged her to guide the foundation through all the years to its present scope and impact.


Organization in Malawi

Dr Leonard Banza
Dr. Leonard Banza, orthopedic surgeon, currently working in Kamuzu Central Hospital Lilongwe. In the past he used to co÷rdinate the workshops in the Southern Region of Malawi.

Dr Madalitso Malewichi
Dr. Madalitso Malewichi, medical officer, currently engaged in HIV research at the UNDA in the capital Lilongwe, with a part time employment in the Kamuzu Central Hospital. Represents Malawi.Kom at the Ministry of Health and CHAM and coordinates the workshops in the Central Region.

Mr Willie Tafathata
Mr. Willie Tafathata, orthopedic technician, living and working in Blantyre, on whom we rely for technical support in the preparation of all the workshops.