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Died during the Basic Trauma Life Support course

From mid-November 2019 a Malawi.kom team has given trauma care courses at St. Joseph Hospital Nguludi, District Hospital Chiradzulu and Holy Family Hospital in Phalombe.
In Phalombe, instructor Sjonnie Reus became unwell halfway through the massively attended course. He died the same day. The two subsequent courses planned at Nkhoma and Livingstonia Hospital have been canceled and the Dutch team members have returned home defeated.

In memory Sjonnie:
Malawi (.kom) cries
“Watch out for Sjaan!"
You said when we met a slender old woman at the traffic light in Haarlem on the way to Schiphol airport . I had her husband in my ambulance yesterday; ah well, look now, Hansie ... lovely simple people Hansie ... so nice to come home at the peoples homes as an ambulance nurse ... "
So now you also wanted to do beautiful things in Malawi and experience them.
Carefully prepared you had that in mind when you indicated last year that you wanted to go now, should the chance arise.
We spent a year together in all preparations for our trip together.
So much supported by your wife and children that you didn't want to get away from in your heart. Never ever.
“Next spring Hansie, with the family to Curaçao! .... what a wonderful prospect ...
"We, ‘the boys from health care”, that's how we saw each other and were happy to talk about our beautiful nursing profession.
At a great height we wrote our first Africa story together, dear friend.
Only Just a week ago.
I was allowed to write so many stories Sjonnie, about Malawi.
You loved the stories: I would love to have written our journey together this time. "You do Just that Hansie ... I love to read you!"
We were just starting.
And how!
With your powerful positivity and always infectious humor, we had a great start to the weekend on beautiful Lake Malawi.
Three workshops in a week didn't seem much to you, but every day you started to experience what all the images of Malawi meant to you.
You liked to grab hold of the thick pack of Kwacha flaps in your pocket when you saw the Malawian's poverty, ruthlessness or extra helpfulness. Especially when I was not there or looking....
The often colorful images of the African but certainly of all small children touched your heart.
“Hansie, look at that, a 4-year-old boy walking along the highway and nobody asks where he is going / how is he doing !?"
As always, you had carefully prepared yourself for the workshops. Immediately also mentioning your doubts.
But man, you were good.
The Malawians hung on your lips.
Of course you managed to conjure up laughter quickly. But then to get the naturally shy Malawian enthusiastic, to let them all take the turn and practice ....
"It's about the" take-home Message, Hansie "
You succeeded with your very powerful humanity.
In all those beautiful qualities of yours.
Where I will miss you so terribly.
At a great height I now write again.
Only You just don't sit next to me.
We hadn't agreed on that, Sjonnie!
It is unbelievable what happened on Thursday, November 21 during your last workshop.
Malawi is crying.
I am crying.
Fortunately I feel your positive power
Is that the 4th dimension you were talking about last week?
I hope so!
Goodbye dear friend


UROLOGIE 2018, 2019

In 2018 Nkhoma hospital was visited three times with Gert Jan Montagne and Willem Meinhardt providing urological training and patient care services. For 2019 no visits are planned yet awaiting reorganisation efforts in the Nkhoma surgical department. Meanwhile malawikom supports the procurement of malawi-proof and affordable anaesthetic systems to replacet he rundown Nkhoma systems.


In april/may 2018 Jan Petit will visit Malawi to check on the construction plans of a surgical department in the Kalemba Hospital. Jan also has planned workshops for the treatment of burns In 2018.



In February 2017 Gert Jan Montagne will visit Lusaka in Zambia on invitation to give training in doing radical prostatectomies. This is followed by a training-/work periode in Nkhoma Hospital in Malawi.


April / May 2017 a team consisting of Anne Cromme, Kim Petit, Dick Werkman and Jan Petit will visit hospitals in South Malawi for courses in doing surgery under local anesthesia.
In October – november 2017 Basic Trauma Life Support workshops in Southern and Northern Malawi.